The Swissclinical Foundation is a Swiss Foundation with a goal to help handicapped children and children in need by providing them with good medical care and long term support.

The Foundation’s main actions are to:

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    We identify who can profit from orthopaedic treatment or surgery, together with the doctors responsible for the care of these children.

  • Manufacture

    We manufacture orthotics (devices that support or correct musculoskeletal deformities) using the existing facilities in our own factory.

  • Sustain

    We employ and teach local technicians to become autonomous in this field.

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”

Mother Theresa


Founded in 2008 by three siblings and some very close friends, the Swissclinical Foundation is highly privileged to count on the unconditional commitment from two people:

Manuela Maleeva formally ranked number three in the world of professional tennis players; and Doctor Bruno Fragnière, a Swiss specialist in paediatric orthopaedic surgery. Both are members of the Foundation’s council, providing it with their generosity, humanity and commitment. Thanks to them, we have already been able to make the lives of many underprivileged children so much better.

In Bulgaria, handicapped or disabled children have been kept out of the public eye for a very long time. There are still many orphanages and centres in Bulgaria where disabled children lack appropriate medical care, including orthopaedics, among other areas.

While a certain number of basic medical services are covered by the State, orthopaedic equipment, such corsets, braces, prosthetics and orthopaedic shoes, are not. Consequently, the orthopaedic technical profession has not progressed and barely exists in the country.

The Swissclinical foundation wants to help handicapped children in the Stara Zagora region (Bulgaria) by improving the medical orthopaedic services available to them. It intends and hopes to intervene in a sustainable manner through a strategic implementation of the funds provided by donators.


Manuela Maleeva

Manuela Maleeva

Co-Founder / Operational manager

Former top ten professional tennis player and mother of three children, she was the one to point the way to the Foundation’s project to help children in Bulgaria, her native country.
Active member of the Foundation, she finds the most appropriate orphanages and centres for developing the projects. She also develops links with the Foundation’s partners, with the Bulgarian authorities, and acts as translator for doctors and orthopaedic specialists.
Her ambition is to help as many children as possible in the long term.

Bruno Fragnière

Bruno Fragnière

Co-Founder / Surgeon

Bruno Fragnière, is married and has two children. He is the « doctor » in the team. He has always dreamed of doing humanitarian aid work, so when his brother, François, spoke to him about his Foundation project, he immediately agreed to join him.
Bruno deals with all the medical aspects of Foundation’s commitments in Bulgaria. He is in charge of the difficult and delicate task of identifying the children who would best benefit from surgery and/or treatment, and then helping them as far as the Bulgarian state will allow them to go.
Thanks to him and his team, in just over a year 150 children have already received orthopaedic fittings.

François Fragnière

François Fragnière

Co-Founder / Chairman of the Board of trustees

A passionate entrepreneur driven by the vision of a fairer world, François Fragnière is a businessman who likes to see his dreams come true. When he created the cosmetics company Swissclinical with his sister Karine Grieder in 2005, he decided that its products would not only contribute to the health of clients but also directly help disadvantaged children. The foundation was born.
A father of three, François invests a great deal of his time, energy and expertise in helping the foundation realise its full potential because he believes it is “impossible” not to offer assistance to children requiring medical care.

Karine Fragnière

Karine Fragnière

Co-Founder / Communications Director

A mother of four, Karine Grieder gained extensive experience of communications during her career within the Nestlé group. When she founded Swissclinical with her brother François, she was convinced by the idea of redistributing part of the profits to a foundation with the same name. Driven by a desire to contribute to a better world, she dedicates all her expertise and sensitivity to this project.
Her role within the foundation is to develop its image and reputation, and to communicate transparently with its sponsors and donors.

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