Meet our sponsors

The Foundation is highly grateful to all its sponsors, because of whom we are able to develop infrastructures and offer more and more support to the children on an everyday basis.


In 2011, the BCV decided to transform a little treat dedicated to employees during the Christmas period, into a collective contribution made in their name to benefit a humanitarian project.. The very first recipient of this action called « BCV Solidarity » was precisely the Swissclinical Foundation.

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L’équipe Sponsoring / BCV


“When my sister, Lilian, told me about her dear friend, Manuela Manuela, having founded the Swissclinical Foundation to offer handicapped and less fortunate children in Bulgaria a better medical support, I was immediately enthralled with her suggestion for Kamata Real AG to associate itself with this worthy cause. As the foundation is directed by such valuable people as Manuela, Bruno Fragnière, a deeply devoted orthopaedic surgeon, and François Fragnière, CEO of Swissclinical S.A., it was clear for us that Kamata’s resources would be in the best of hands to really improve some children’s lives. It was also a matter of giving back to society some of the goodness that we have been blessed with in life.

At the inauguration of the orthopaedic work shop in Stara Zagora in June 2013 we were able to discover for ourselves some of the benefits that the foundation had reaped from our financial support in the last 5 years, which motivated us even more to continue.

We wish the Swissclinical Foundation team the best of luck in their beautiful quest to help these children.”

Enrique Drescher / Director

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